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Our Statements on Social Issues

Our Perspective on the Conflict in Palestine/Israel

We recognize and affirm nonviolence as a way of life and as a strategic tactic that can serve a central role in the resolution of the conflict(s) in the current situation.

We do not advocate any particular solution to the crisis but support a just solution agreed upon by both Palestinians and Israelis.

We support an end to violence by all parties in all forms so that peace can take root.

We recognize the right of self-determination of the Palestinian people.

We recognize the right of all people within the area now commonly referred to as Israel/Palestine to live in justice, peace, and security.

We reject any form of anti-Semitism or racism that may manifest itself in the crisis, whether the source is an ally or an opponent.

We recognize the Occupation of Palestine as an act of ongoing violence that must end for peace to take root in the region.

We recognize the daily humiliations and restrictions that Palestinians experience at the hands of Israeli citizens and Defense Forces as a form of violence.

We recognize the pain and terror and long term psychological distress suicide bombings inflict on the Israeli people as a form of violence.

We recognize the pain, emotional and physical, caused by military service in the Occupied Territories by Israeli men and women as a form of violence.

We support international law and the United Nation Resolutions regarding the right of return, opposing the building of Israel’s ‘security wall’ and opposing Israeli settlements in Palestine. 

We recognize the role of the US government in perpetuating this violence through economic and military support.

We recognize the anguish of parents raising children in the midst of this conflict and the need to instill hope for the future

Our Statement on the U.S withdraw from Afghanistan

The last week has been deeply saddening with the news of the Taliban now officially occupying Afghanistan. We offer our deepest sympathies to the people hurt by the conflict so far, and for those who will undoubtedly suffer as a result of this takeover. In our hearts, we are traveling alongside those frantically seeking asylum.
We would also like to call for a deeper conversation on this conflict. The war in Afghanistan goes back further than the last two weeks and certainly beyond just the actions of President Biden: it spans four Presidential Administrations and further into even darker territory: into a period in the 1980s, when in order to push the Soviets out of Afghanistan, the US military funded Islamic Fundamentalist groups that eventually snowballed into what is now Al-Qaeda. From there, a two-decade military presence in Afghanistan has led to waves of instability that allows groups like the Taliban to proliferate.
While this isn’t to place the current situation only and squarely on the US government, it does present an opportunity to center on what truly matters in assessing a conflict like this.
Meta Peace Team remains firm in our commitment to building a peaceful future and to the liberation for all oppressed peoples. As such, we thoroughly reject all forms of violence and terrorism, and call for the abolition of war. Only this will produce a world where the violence of groups like the Taliban can hold no power, and where we can all live alongside each other in peace.

Our Statement on Guantanamo

Why we should demand the closure of Guantánamo:

Before any course of action, MPT believes we should try to make sure we have all the facts. 

CLICK HERE for a clear, concise synopsis of the case for closing Guantanamo. 

The ACLU is asking concerned citizens to get involved in whatever and as many ways as they can.  Visit their website at to access the multiple ways you can help to end this travesty of both justice and humanity.

Meta Peace Team on Gun Violence

Meta Peace Team stands with the Coalition to stop gun violence.

Get Involved to Stop the Violence:​

Did you know that....

  • Convicted criminals can buy assault rifles at gun shows WITHOUT background checks in 33 states

  • The gun lobby (led by the NRA) has given over $21 million to Congress since 1990, 86% of it to Republicans

  • 8 children die from gun violence EVERY DAY

Visit the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence's website to learn more, and to find out how you can get involved.

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