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International Peace Teams

International Teams

MPT has been training and deploying Peace Teams domestically and internationally since 1993. Meta Peace Team is currently sending teams to Palestine and the U.S. Mexico Border. Read more about the specifics of being a part of our teams in our FAQ

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Additional Q&A

What are your International Teams doing with the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Our International Teams Committee continues to plan and recruit for teams. Before the team departure, the committee will reassess if departure is possible for that team. We have yet to place a team during the pandemic due to border closures and safety concerns.

Are your International Teams invited like your Domestic Teams?

Yes, our International Teams only go where they are invited to help de-escalate potentially violent situations.

How can I get involved with the International Teams?

International Peace Teams take a lot of work to send. If you are interested in being a team member please fill out the application form (see below) either online or printed and mailed to our office. If you are not able to go on a team but want to get more involved consider volunteering to help set up teams or making a donation to support the efforts. For International Peace Team volunteering opportunities, you can contact Elliott Adams.


Stories from the field

Making sure the world knows what is happening at the site of our international teams is important to us. Our teams regularly give updates while working. Read about our international Teams and the places they are working on our blog.

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