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Celebrating 30 Years of
Active Nonviolence!

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30 years ago, MPT was founded by Father C. Peter Dougherty and Jasiu Milanowski with a vision of “A Just World Grounded in Nonviolence and Respect for the Sacred Interconnectedness of All Life”. 

Ever since, Meta Peace Team (MPT) has been dedicated to passing on the tools of effective nonviolent action to bring hope and peace to the world. Through training ordinary people in creative nonviolence, placing peace teams, providing unarmed civilian accompaniment, and supporting networks of peace, we are creating the world we want our children and grandchildren to inherit. 

MPT brings people and communities together, standing strong in the face of violence to demonstrate another way. We share our hope, strength, knowledge, and skills while partnering with other peace and justice organizations to collectively work towards the goal of a more just world. Support MPT and send a message to your community that you also have a vision of a kinder, and more just world. Support MPT and help build a more peace-filled world for our children, and grandchildren to inherit.

On December 2, we honored the 30th Anniversary of MPT’s work with a celebratory Fiesta! 

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Musical Presentations
from the Evening

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We invite you to join us in recognizing MPT’s mission by becoming a Sustaining Donor.
Help us usher in the next
30 years of peacemaking!

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