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Meta Peace Team (MPT) is made up of ordinary citizens creating a nonviolent alternative to militarism through empowered peacemaking. Originally founded in 1993 as Michigan Peace Team, Meta Peace Team has expanded over the last 28 years to offer its services around the globe.

MPT recognizes violence is a complex system, and only by addressing it on multiple fronts will peace be possible. We refer to this multi-faceted approach as our 4 Pillars:  

The first pillar is educating the public on the power and efficiency of nonviolence. This education is instrumental in showing the effectiveness of nonviolence as well as understanding and addressing the complex types of violence that people face, both direct and structural.  It is our assertion that people need to understand that acts of violence are not only overt (i.e., physical attacks) but just as threatening — systemic. 

The second pillar is teaching people specific techniques of violence de-escalation through our comprehensive skills trainings.  This includes opportunities to learn effective bystander intervention training, comprehensive de-escalation skills training, and customized trainings that best meet the needs of the participants. 

The third pillar is placing Unarmed Civilian Protection (UCP) teams where invited — teams which MPT calls Peace Teams.  Peace Teams are made up of volunteers trained in conflict de-escalation, and are placed at the invitation of those most directly involved in places of conflict where there is a likelihood of violence. These placement sites come in many forms: social protests, political events, direct actions, and conflict areas.  Our Peace Teams have a proven record of success over 25+ years in the USA and abroad. We have placed international peace teams in Bosnia, Panama, El Salvador, Iraq, Haiti, Mexico, Canada, and within the First Sovereign Nations of the United States.   We deploy regular teams to Palestine/Israel and to the United States/Mexico border.  Additionally, we’ve placed Domestic Peace Teams (within the borders of the United States) all across the country. 


The fourth and final pillar is networking and supporting other peace and justice organizations in order to work towards a more collective community force of peace with justice.  

Meta Peace Team was the first organization of its type to focus on both national and international peace teams. Meta Peace Team does not partner with the police or other government forces. We are aligned with the community on the ground, protecting targets and perpetrators alike from violence.  While remaining nonpartisan, we work to create a safe space for all engaged in a conflict to resolve their issues nonviolently.

Despite the vast scope of our work, our budget is small…and we need your support.   By donating to Meta Peace Team, you are helping create a more peaceful world where people solve their conflicts without violence. You are placing Peace Teams on the ground and allowing community members to solve violence using a human connection. You are placing peace teams nationally and internationally that allow for a safer environment for everyone in those communities.  You are creating opportunities for human rights monitoring to be brought to the forefront as our Teams document the events and actions they are direct witnesses in the field. You are investing in the alternative to violence that has a proven success record.  Be assured your donation makes a big difference on our ability to continue this life-saving work.

Meta Peace Team is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization: Your donation may be tax deductible.

I've been working at Planned Parenthood for a decade at this point, and at the end of the day you always have issues between protesters and counter protesters and we had no issues today. It is a miracle and it is entirely because of the Meta Peace Team.

Ethan Schmitt, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan

I have so much less anger [after becoming involved with Meta Peace Team]. I now know how to remain calm. Now in difficult situations, I just think of all of the different tools that I can use.

Linda Tomala, Meta Peace Team Trainer

I highly recommend a trip with Meta Peace Team. You will go to beautiful places of much struggle and suffering, but you will meet courageous individuals who resist oppression with dignity and, often, a great sense of humor!

Laurie Gagne, International Peace Team Member

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Meta Peace Team partner with Police?

Meta Peace Team does not partner with local law enforcement. Meta Peace Team recognizes systemic violence in all forms and by all perpetrators. As such, Meta Peace Team is dedicated to being a safe resource for all communities. Police are welcome to attend our public trainings.

What does it mean that MPT only goes "where invited"?

Meta Peace Team is not here to force nonviolence on any group. It is to help nonviolent actions have support.

Is Meta Peace Team a religious organization?

No, Meta Peace Team is an interfaith organization. We seek a just world grounded in nonviolence and respect for the sacred interconnectedness of all life. People of all different faiths, beliefs, cultures and ways of life all come together at MPT to support the value of peace.

What side is Meta Peace Team on?

When wearing the Meta Peace Team vest, all team members are on one side — the side of humanity and peace. We help to provide a safe space for people to work out their disputes in a manner that does not require violence.

Why is your name "Meta Peace Team"?

"Meta" comes from the Greek, and means transformation; a higher stage of development;  moving beyond; transcending; being more comprehensive;  and having undergone metamorphosis. Meta Peace Team is dedicated to moving beyond racism, homophobia, sexism, othering, borders, and politics. We will consciously take away the barriers that stop the world from being the kinder, gentler, more just and compassionate place that we hope to leave our children.

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