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Training for the Revolution

THE GRIM NEWS:  PBS relayed that there were 372 mass shootings in the U.S. alone in 2015: approximately one mass shooting per day for each day in the year.  The Southern Poverty Law Center reported 1051 hate crime incidents since the November presidential election – A number that continues to grow.  And according to ThinkProgress, “42% of those incidents included specific references to Trump, his election, or his policies."


THE ENCOURAGING NEWS:  In a time when some people could turn to a militarized police department, deployed in riot gear with tear gas, tasers, batons, and automatic weapons, many are turning to the tried-and-true methods of nonviolence.  Assertive, active nonviolence has been proven to be more effective than violence ever has been.1   In the last few months, Meta Peace Team, a nonprofit organization that trains ordinary people in violence de-escalation skills, has been inundated with requests for workshops and skills trainings.


November 9, 2016 – The day after our most recent presidential election, Meta Peace Team’s...

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