Currently Scheduled Skills Trainings:

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A Special Skills Training created for people of faith...Co-sponsored by
Pax Christi USA

Violence De-Escalation Skills Training (currently Virtual)


In this 8-hour workshop, participants will explore nonviolence in the "big picture"; what it means, how it is used, and how good-hearted, well-intentioned people can disagree yet still work together. They will learn and gain practice in specific skills & tools that are useful both in conflict intervention situations and in daily life, including:

  • Active Listening

  • The Importance of Body Language

  • Personal Power Messages

  • The CLARA technique


They will be introduced to tools for group work

(Affinity Teams and consensus decision making)

and to the concept of “peace teams” or third-party

nonviolent intervention (TPNI) and its scope of

possibilities, including Unarmed Civilian Protection.

They will learn the finer points of compassionate

Bystander Intervention.  And finally, participants will

learn about the work of MPT and how they can get involved if they want to.


To maintain safety guidelines during this time of Covid-19, the training is spread out over two 4-hour days to prevent Zoom-fatigue.  Participants in this training must register in advance and commit to both sessions.  You MUST complete this training to be a member of our Domestic Peace Teams (Teams within the U.S. borders; usually short-term teams) and/or International Peace Teams.

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Bystander Intervention Skills Training (currently Virtual)


We’re all aware that both the pandemic and the aftermath of the election has made things very tense, with notable increases in divisiveness and "Us vs. Them" thinking.   As concerned people, we will begin to explore how active, assertive nonviolence can make a difference: What does it mean, how is it used, and how can good-hearted, well-intentioned people

disagree yet still be supportive of each other? 


Our emphasis will be on effective communication and

compassionate Bystander Intervention:

  • What to do when you’re alone and see someone being harassed.

  • What do you do when the someone being harassed is YOU?


Participants will learn and gain practice in specific skills and tools

that are useful both in conflict intervention situations and in daily life.

This 4-hour workshop allows participants to explore what it takes to successfully intervene in situations where they witness someone being harassed or bullied, and to interrupt escalating violence. 

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