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Domestic Peace Teams

Domestic Peace Teams

​Domestic Peace Teams are teams placed within the U.S. borders.  They are usually short-term (anywhere from a few hours to a few days).  To serve on one of our Domestic Teams, you must complete our Violence De-escalation Skills Training.  The nature of Domestic Teams is that they are often unpredictable. If we're lucky, we may get a few weeks notice (for example, to prevent violence at a rally).  Often, however, we only get a few days notice … usually in reaction to something that's happening in the news.  Being a part of these Teams is extremely rewarding.  You get to see the power and efficacy of nonviolence in action.  If you're interested in learning more about our Domestic Peace Teams, please contact Kim Redigan.



How are your Domestic Peace Teams Qualified?

Every Peace Team member has gone through 8 hours of Nonviolence Trainings. New volunteers gain experience at events with a low risk of violence serving with seasoned team members  For any event that has a large concern of violence, Meta Peace Team sends our most experienced volunteers.

Do U.S. based Peace Teams just show up?

No, our Peace Teams only go where we have been invited by organizers. If you are having a nonviolent demonstration or event and want a Peace Team, please contact us.

Whose "side" is MPT on?

When wearing the Meta Peace Team vest, all team members are on one side— the side of humanity and peace. We help to provide a safe space for people to work out their disputes in a manner that does not require violence.


Read about Peace Teams

Sharing stories of peace teams is important to us. Read about our Peace Teams in the news and on our blog.

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