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Our Events

Want to Request an MPT Presentation?


Below are just a few of the presentation topics we offer:

Invite us to your Organization – Civic Group – Temple – Mosque – Church – Classroom! 

Just contact us to learn more!


Meta Peace Team's 30 Year History of  Empowering People  

Teaching Peace, Training, Doing Nonviolent Intervention here and abroad


Meta Peace Team - Violence Reduction In Palestine/Israel

A Firsthand Account: Understanding the People, the Conflict and MPT’S Work


Grounding Ourselves In Nonviolence For the Long Haul

A Way of Life That Effectively Impacts The World


Changing The World: There are Alternatives to Violence!

A history of successful nonviolent social action, with a view of creating the Nonviolent Revolution


Understanding Systemic Violence: Seeing through the Eyes of those Oppressed

Necessary For Creating A Just World


Gospel Nonviolence: A Challenge for Individuals and Communities

From a Peasant named Jesus


Blueprint For A Nonviolent World

What Our World Could Look Like and How We Can Creatively Work To Get There


Mahatma Gandhi’s Life and Teaching Continue to Make a Difference

How much do you know of this legacy?


Dorothy Day – Radical Love In Action

Nonviolence in the Heart of the Empire – Her Catholic Worker Movement Lives On


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Challenge of Nonviolence

He dared to connect racism, militarism and economic oppression


Meta Peace Team's Faith Community Project

An MPT Presentation on Faith and Peacemaking, held at Your Service (Church/Mosque/Temple/etc.)

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