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Our Meta Peace Team 25 Year Story Of  Empowering People  

Teaching Peace, Training, Doing Nonviolent Intervention here and abroad


Meta Peace Team Violence Reduction In The West Bank

A Firsthand Account: Understanding the People, the Conflict and MPT’S Work

Grounding Ourselves In Nonviolence For the Long Haul

A Way of Life That Effectively Impacts The World

Changing The World: There are Alternatives to Violence!

A history of successful nonviolent social action, with a view of Creating the Nonviolent Revolution

Understanding Systemic Violence: Seeing with the Eyes of the Oppressed

Necessary For Creating A Just World

Gospel Nonviolence: A Challenge for Individuals and Communities

From a Peasant named Jesus

Blueprint For A Nonviolent World

What a World Can Look Like and How We Can Creatively Work To Get There

Mahatma Gandhi’s Life and Teaching Continue to Make a Difference

How much do you know of his legacy?

Dorothy Day – Radical Love In Action

Nonviolence in the Heart of the Empire – Her Catholic Worker Movement Lives On

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Challenge of Nonviolence

He dared to connect racism, militarism and economic oppression

Meta Peace Team Faith Church-Mosque-Temple Project

Preach At Your Services One Weekend On Peacemaking