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Just Six Degrees...

"Six degrees of separation" is the theory that any person on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five other people in between them.


MPT seeks to develop and strengthen these

"Six degrees of CONNECTIONS".

We believe that people can't support what they don't know about...and the funding to do our work depends on people knowing about it.

So we're asking YOU to 'connect' us to six people.
Pick six people whom you think care about creating a safer world.  A world with less violence, and more compassion.  Ask them to look at who we are and what  we do:  Just send them to this page!

Hopefully, they're moved to support us.  But in any case, if THEY then pick six people to let know, the web of human connections grows.  The opportunity to fund our work increases.  And the dream of making a more just, compassionate, and dignified world will become a reality.

Behind the Scenes

We do not charge the communities we serve for peace team placements.

Understanding that the people most often affected by violence tend to be in lower income brackets, we never turn anyone away for inability to pay for our trainings.

We do not pursue government funding so that we are able to maintain complete integrity in protecting all people from violence, no matter whom the perpetrator nor whom the target.

Meta Peace Team is a recognized 501(c)(3)

nonprofit organization and our funding comes almost entirely from individual donors like you.

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Help secure MPT's future:
Reach out to 6 people!


...this link with Six People (or more!)


...this flyer to Six People


...this invitation to Social Media. Click here to get the files that work best for you!

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