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  • Mary L. Hanna

The Power of Human Connections

Guest Contributors:

Tasneem Sultan, Eshe Lovely, and Ashwin Telang from Human Connections

In recent years, our world has been overtaken by an iteration of competition and comparison that endangers our overall well-being. The threat of falling behind—via downward mobility or loss of status—seizes control of too many of our emotions, leaving us stressed, scrambled, and insecure. In a world with so many diverse ideas and perspectives, we can no longer afford to turn inward and focus only on ourselves. Comparison and competition drive Americans to amass material objects as substitutes for the forms of security that cannot be commodified—solidarity, dignity, respect, generosity, meaning, and connection.

Connections between people are everything. They’re the very foundation of society–a puzzle made up of billions of micro-links. Despite the reign of individualism in American society, connection continues to manifest in beautiful ways that are often overlooked. It’s a smile to the person walking down the street. It’s the way laughter is contagious, and the way we mirror emotions. You hear it in the songs you love and read it between the lines of your favorite poems. You taste it in the food your mother cooks, and you feel it in the loving embrace of my friends. Human connection can be anything, but it is most potent in the simplest forms of empathy and kindness. These powerful, but undervalued emotions are how humans help each other, build each other up, and strengthen communities.

Whether with family, friends, coworkers, or the broader community, forging positive connections provides a sense of belonging and nurtures a strong sense of community. The ways in which we go about building these connections matter. While technology can undoubtedly aid in facilitating these human connections, it is crucial to find a balance and not rely solely on it to replace human bonds. Although connecting with people from diverse backgrounds through technology is achievable, face-to-face interactions strengthen bonds and cultivate empathy. The beauty of maintaining these connections lies in the simplicity of stepping out of our comfort zones and initiating conversations, whether it be in person or over the phone. Doing so can foster a sense of community and create lasting connections that enrich our lives. When we extend trust and respect towards others, we can finally grasp new ways of viewing the world—a true paradigm shift in understanding. Connection helps strengthen not only our sense of purpose and self, but also extends a sense of generosity and meaning to our loved ones and communities. Tightening bonds not only with like-minded individuals but also between people we wouldn’t traditionally bond with is the strongest source of solidarity.

We create tons of new micro-links each day, and it’s essential that we nurture and cherish them. Go for a walk with a friend, or check in on a loved one. Talk to someone new, and watch your perspective change within minutes. Discover that each connection is priceless and essential for us to thrive together. Only by shifting our focus from comparison to community can we lead a path toward prosperity.

Using our platform, Human Connections aims to foster meaningful connections between people of diverse beliefs, ethnicities, nationalities, and experiences. Join us as we build each other up as a community, and create a new era of peace and solidarity.

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