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Film Review: The Interrupters

Film Review: The Interrupters

By Craig Wing


The Interrupters tells the stories of three individuals-Ameena Mathews, Eddie Bocanegra, and Cobe Williams- who work to protect their Chicago communities from violence. The film chronicles the journey of Ameena, Eddie, and Cobe as they act as “Violence Interrupters” and attempt to intervene in disputes before they turn violent. The film poignantly captures the redemptive struggle of three ex-gang members who seek to diminish the violence in their local communities by means of intervention.

The film was directed by Steve James and expertly chronicles the pernicious violence that plagues the inner-cities of the U.S. The footage captured in this film is gritty and provocative. Steve Jones has crafted a documentary that offers a first-hand account of the dichotomy of brutal violence and hopeful redemption that is found in the urban enclaves of the U.S. A film of this power and magnitude should not be missed.

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