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Reflections on the Oxford Highschool Shooting

On November 30, 2021, a mass shooting occurred at Oxford High School. Four students were killed, and more students & a teacher were wounded. The on-going increase in school shooting events has led to detrimental repercussions for all of us. As part of our on-going work to understand both the roots and impact of violence, MPT requested Kim Redigan provide her reflection on the Oxford School shootings from the perspective of a teacher and MPT's Intern Cassidy Versen's reflection on this event from the perspective of a student.

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We reached our #GivingTuesday Goal!

We didn't reach our goal... we surpassed it!! We couldn't be happier. Thank you all so much! Together, we are making moves towards a more just world, because of all of you.

We are working on the distribution of our 20 #GivingTuesday nonviolence scholarships to students! We will update you all when the scholarships are given out. 

If you missed our Facebook Celebration, don't worry you can still see the Q&A with Peter Dougherty, the musical performance, and the stories of nonviolence with Julie Thomas-Beckett and Mary Hanna on YouTube or on our Facebook page!

What's Really Happening at the Border Recording
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Kim Redigan discusses her work at the U.S.-Mexico border, with a focus on her participation in a recent migrant-led public witness in Nogales. Since serving on two MPT peace teams in Tijuana, she has returned to the border four times. She and her students helped migrants in the Arizona desert and this summer she worked with asylum seekers in El Centro, CA through Catholic Charities. She is currently enrolled in Villanova's Interdisciplinary Immigration Studies Training for Advocates.

What the “Not Guilty” Verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse Teaches Us

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Read MPT'S  Operation's Manager Mary Hanna's short essay.

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Members for Our Next Team to the West Bank

"The Work of Nonviolence:

Stories from the Frontline"

An amazing, hope-filled Book by  author & activist
Julie Thomas-Beckett
featuring the work of Meta Peace Team
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Meta Peace Team (MPT)?

So Who Is

MPT is a group of individuals creating a nonviolent alternative to militarism through empowered  peacemaking. MPT understands that the primary violence in our world is structural and embedded in systems of oppression and domination. MPT seeks a just world grounded in nonviolence and respect for the sacred interconnectedness of all life. MPT trains individuals in nonviolence and places violence reduction peace teams (when invited) in war zones and places of conflict where a there is a likelihood of violence. MPT has (and is recruiting for) teams in Palestine, the U.S./Mexico Border, and other international sites as well as fielding Domestic Teams within the borders of the United States. Learn more about us! Explore this site, and feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a nonviolence skills training, a presentation, and/or to make a donation to support this work. 

Welcome to MPT!