Meta Peace Team members are dedicated to "being the change we want to see in the world."

Peter Dougherty & Jasiu Milanowski

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Rev. C. Peter Dougherty
Outreach Coordinator
Lansing, Michigan

One of Meta Peace Team founders, Peter has served 23 years on our Core Community (what we call our Board of Directors)
Committees: International Teams Committee, Endorsements Committee, Training Committee, and Presentations

Meta Peace Team's Staff

Mary Hanna.png
Mary L. Hanna, M.Ed.
Operations Manager, Training Coordinator, Internship Supervisor

Laingsburg, Michigan

Prior to joining MPT full-time in 2005, Mary acquired her Master's Degree in Behavior Disorders from Vanderbilt University, and spent 20 years working as a case manager/counselor for Community Mental Health.  She met Peter Dougherty while an undergrad at Michigan State University, who introduced her to the entire concept of Unarmed Civilian Protection:  Since then, she has served on International Teams (to the West Bank and at the US/Mexico Border), innumerable Domestic Peace Teams, and faciliated more violence de-escalation skills trainings than she can count.  She loves nature, music, and photography in her free time.

Committees:  Training Committee, Technology & Branding, and the Finance Committee

Melody Arnst.png
​Melody Arnst
Development Coordinator

Laingsburg, Michigan

Prior to joining Meta Peace Team, Melody spent over 25 years in association management. 13 of those years were spent as the Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) Executive Office Administrator. While still working at MPA, Melody joined MPT as a part-time employee. Through the donation of an amazing donor/volunteer, MPT hired Melody as the full-time Development Coordinator in July 2020. Melody brings an organizational skill set to the office and is excited to begin her new career with MPT. Outside of MPT, her passion is training horses, spending time on the Harley with her husband and with her beloved family.  She is also an incredible baker!

Committees:  Communications Committee, Technology & Branding, and the Finance Committee

MPT's Core Community

Stephen Niamke.png

Stephen Niamke, President and Hubs Coordinator
Roanoke, VA

I have been involved with Meta Peace Team since I participated in the Violence De-escalation Skills Training on May 13, 2017 in Roanoke, Virginia. I went through the Training-for-Trainers session about two weeks later in DeWitt, Michigan.

I am involved with Meta Peace Team and the peace movement because Peace has been chasing me my entire life and finally caught up with me. Peace is my purpose as revealed to me through experiencing violence, physical and verbal abuse, and racism. I finally stopped fighting against my purpose and started fighting for systematically and historically oppressed people.  Meta Peace Team has given me the tools and the means to advocate for Peace.

Committees: Training Committee

Lulu Nestor, Director
Brighton, Michigan

I was welcomed into the MPT family when I joined as a MPT intern in 2018. I'm a part of MPT because I have seen the de-escalation tools work and empower people. Working for a more peaceful world can seem like an impossible task, but teaching the methods of nonviolence is the first step. I have always been drawn to the way MPT focuses on the community's needs, whether for our national or international teams. With the passion and compassion of the staff and volunteers, I am continuously inspired by the calling to peace within all of us.
Committees: International Teams Committee

Kim 2.png
Kim Redigan, Director
Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Kim Redigan is a nonviolence trainer and MPT Core Team member, representing the Detroit Hub. She has served on international teams in the West Bank, the U.S. - Mexico border, and Cairo, Egypt as part of the Gaza Freedom March. She has also served on countless domestic teams in Michigan and beyond. Kim is a theology teacher, writer, water activist, and mother of four. She takes seriously MPT’s vision of growing together as a community of mystic-scholar-activists who are in it for the long haul..

Committees: Training Committee, Domestic Peace Teams Committee, Endorsement Committee, and Communications Committee.

Sheri Wander.jpeg
Sheri Wander, Director
Ypsilanti, Michigan

I “joined” MPT in 1998.  There’s so many reasons why I am a part of MPT. With all the organizing and “activist” work I do, MPT feels like a spiritual home.... Mostly because I believe that if we want to build a world without war  and militarism and if we want to abolish the police/our current carceral systems, we need to build working, viable, accessible-to- everyone alternatives. We need to know if that world exists — creating a path by walking it. That is what I see and feel and believe that MPT is doing. How could I not want to be a part of that? 

Committees:  Training Committee