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Bystander Intervention Skills Trainings

We’re all aware that both the pandemic and the political climate have made things very tense, with notable increases in divisiveness and "Us vs. Them" thinking.   As concerned people, we will begin to explore how active, assertive nonviolence can make a difference:  What does it mean, how is it used, and how can good-hearted, well-intentioned people disagree yet still be maintain integrity?  

This training offers skill-building on how to do compassionate yet effective Bystander Intervention when you see someone being harassed or threatened with violence.

  • What can you do when you’re alone and see this happening?

  • What do you do when the someone being harassed is YOU?

 In this 4-hour workshop, participants will learn and gain practice in specific skills and tools that are useful both in conflict intervention situations and in daily life.