Advanced Skills Training ​

Our Advanced Skills Trainings are usually conducted as weekend retreats:  Would you like to join us for a weekend of building community and nonviolence skills, communication practice, time for personal reflection, learning about what Domestic and International Peace Teams DO, and more?  This training is the follow-up to our one-day Violence De-escalation Skills Training!  Vegetarian-friendly meals and lodging are included. 

International Teams Training

Our International Teams Training:  These are extensive trainings, specific to the locale where we will be placing an international team.  Team members will train together in an intensive retreat-like setting, where they will review and practice skills specific to Third Party Nonviolent Intervention (TPNI), including peaceful presence, human rights monitoring, protective accompaniment, and physical interpositioning.  They will also receive cultural awareness instruction specific to where their team is to be deployed.  Team members must be present for ALL components of this extensive training in order to participate on an International Team.

Violence De-Escalation Skills Training

In this 8 hour workshop, participants will explore nonviolence in the "big picture"; what it means, how it is used, and how good-hearted, well-intentioned individuals can disagree yet still work together. They will learn and gain practice in specific skills & tools that are useful both in conflict intervention situations and in daily life (such as Active Listening, I-messages, and the CLARA technique).  They will be introduced to tools for group work (Affinity teams and consensus decision making) and to the concept of “peace teams” or third-party nonviolent intervention (TPNI) and its scope of possibilities.  They will learn the finer points of Bystander Intervention.  And finally, participants will learn about the work of MPT and how they can get involved if they want to. A continental breakfast and vegetarian-friendly lunch will be provided. Participants in this training must register in advance and commit to staying throughout the entire session  You MUST complete this training to be a member of our Domestic Peace Teams (Teams within the U.S. borders; usually short-term teams.






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