Shanti Sena Network

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Origins of the Shanti Sena Network

In September of 2012, peacemakers from around the United States and Canada met collectively for the first time to discuss the possibilities of unifying, strengthening, and networking our efforts.  By the end of this gathering, some things were abundantly clear:

  • We need to change the national conversation from one that is war and retaliation based to one that is nonviolent and justice based.

  • We need to actively confront the illusion of our separateness from one another.

  • We must be prepared to offer a strong, viable, effective alternative to violence if we are to turn the tide.

  • We must be able to deploy prepared, trained, supplied peace teams as fast as the police can deploy their officers to a crime scene or the military can deploy their troops to the front lines.

  • As peace and nonviolence educators, we must teach as many alternative tools of nonviolence as we can, using as many different avenues & methods of teaching as we can, to put these tools into the hands of any-and-everyone interested.

  • We need to document and disseminate the stories of our work & successes using words, pictures, and video.  We must take full advantage of independent (a.k.a., "Indy") media. The public cannot gain interest in something it is not hearing about.

  • We must maintain the emphasis on our centering work as part of our training:  When things become most chaotic, we will more readily be able to access our best/highest self to work from if we've consistently practiced the path to getting there.

Our first step in solidifying the above aspirations is the creation of this Shanti​ Sena Network.  We will continue to work together to bring about this paradigm shift, collectively striving to establish the most effective training curriculum and networking of concerted efforts for replacing violence (whether individually perpetrated or state sponsored) with nonviolence, reparation, and reconciliation.