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Happy Birthday, Peter!

Friends, we are are so excited that you are joining us in celebrating Peter's 87th Birthday! While the ZOOM Party may have ended, our celebration has not! We are still reaching towards celebrating every year of Peter's life and reflecting on our amazing memories. As soon as we have entered all of the remaining stories we will post the online scrapbook here. We will also be posting a video of the entire virtual party. 

Birthdays are often celebrated with tokens of affection, and we have one planned that's a doozy.  Working together, we can create a gift that will knock Peter's Irish socks off!


We want to raise $29,000:  That's $1000 for every year of the age that Peter tells everyone he is (29!...though we know better 😄).  The donations will demonstrate our belief in his continuing his lifelong work - - a legacy of peace. Please join us and be a part of granting the most meaningful gift we can think of: A present for Peter that demonstrates to him the impact that he and MPT have had on this world. Help us raise $29,000 for the cause he has quite literally dedicated his life to!


Yes, we know it's a lot, but he's worth it, and

thanks to his friends and family like you, we

are already on our way. (Watch our progress

grow on the thermometer).


Let's go the distance and meet this goal. We

cannot do it without each and every one of

you, but together, we'll meet the mark.  We'll

show Peter we believe his dream of creating

a world of love, respect, and nonviolence will

continue into the future until that realization

is made real.


Thank you for helping us with this gift - - A

tangible symbol of our solidarity and love for


Happy Birthday, Peter, and thank you for

making this a better world place with every day of your life.

To view Peter's amazing "virtual"
Birthday Keepsake Scrapbook, go to:

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To watch Peter's full party, go to: