We recognize and affirm nonviolence as a way of life and as a strategic tactic that can serve a central role in the resolution of the conflict(s) in the current situation.


We do not advocate any particular solution to the crisis but support a just solution agreed upon by both Palestinians and Israelis.


We support an end to violence by all parties in all forms so that peace can take root.


We recognize the right of self-determination of the Palestinian people.


We recognize the right of all people within the area now commonly referred to as Israel/Palestine to live in justice, peace, and security.


We reject any form of anti-Semitism or racism that may manifest itself in the crisis, whether the source is an ally or an opponent.


We recognize the Occupation of Palestine as an act of ongoing violence that must end for peace to take root in the region.


We recognize the daily humiliations and restrictions that Palestinians experience at the hands of Israeli citizens and Defense Forces as a form of violence.


We recognize the pain and terror and long term psychological distress suicide bombings inflict on the Israeli people as a form of violence.


We recognize the pain, emotional and physical, caused by military service in the Occupied Territories by Israeli men and women as a form of violence.


We support international law and the United Nation Resolutions regarding the right of return, opposing the building of Israel’s ‘security wall’ and opposing Israeli settlements in Palestine. 


We recognize the role of the US government in perpetuating this violence through economic and military support.


We recognize the anguish of parents raising children in the midst of this conflict and the need to instill hope for the future.

Our Perspective on the Conflict in Palestine/Israel