Why Michigan Peace Team

became  Meta Peace Team

In 2013, Michigan Peace Team changed it's name to Meta Peace Team.

Now, when an organization that's celebrating well over 25 years of success changes its name, that's a big deal....and it better have some good reasons.  We do.

Whenever MPT travels outside of Michigan (let alone outside of the country) - which as you all know happens very frequently - we are greeted with people's surprise that we would be active outside of the State of Michigan.  In truth, MPT has ALWAYS been active outside these borders...Michigan just happens to be where we were founded.  For years (no exaggeration), we've been discussing how to clear this up, and a name change (or in this case, addition) just made sense.  We decided to adopt Meta Peace Team as our moniker because of the inherent connotations in the definition of  "meta":

Meta comes from the Greek, and means transformation; a higher stage of development;  moving beyond; transcending; being more comprehensive;  and having undergone metamorphosis.

Not only does Meta symbolize how we've grown and evolved over the past 25+ years;  it also symbolizes the vision of what we see our mission to be:  to move beyond borders (both real and those we self-determine) to transform the world into the Beloved Community that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of....To help bring about the metamorphosis of Ahimsa, or the power of love through nonviolence, that Gandhi spoke of.  We will still and always be MPT.  But with your continued help and support, we will consciously take away the barriers that stop the world from being the kinder, gentler, more just  and compassionate place that we hope to leave our children.  Henceforth, whether we are pursuing peace locally or are acting nationally, we will

be Meta Peace Team: MPT.  As always: We hope you'll join us.