Social Networking

Below are just some of the ways to stay connected to folks like us:  People seeking peace with justice through active nonviolence.


Facebook is a great social networking tool. Click on the logo to go to MPT's Facebook page or google Meta Peace-Team: We'd love to "Friend" you!


MPT has its own YouTube Channel!  This allows us to post both our own video clips and those that we find most educational and enlightening.
Click on the logo to go to our YouTube channel.


Twitter is a fast way for us to "get the word out" on what's happening.
Click on the logo to go to MPT's Twitter page (MetaPeaceTeam) and sign up to follow us.

Our Blog: 

MPT Musings

We have some real thought-provoking dialogue going on at our blog, MPT Musings.
Check it out at:
MPT is a member of Pinterest.  Pinterest is a place to collect and organize the things you love using images & photos.  Click on the logo if you're interested in following our Pinterest boards.