MPT in the News​

August 9, 2013 on CBS - CW50 Detroit (WKBD-TV)

This episode of Street Beat, hosted by Roxanne Steele of 98.7 AM Public Radio, looks into the issue of discrimination and civil rights.  Rev. C. Peter Dougherty of the Meta Peace Team talks about how the organization works to encourage non-violent action to diffuse hostile situations. (WATCH THE 6-MINUTE SEGMENT HERE)

May 3, 2013 on Public Radio station  KWMR

On this show, Stephanie Van Hook & Michael Nagler talk with Mary Hanna from the Meta Peace Team (formerly the Michigan Peace Team) about everything from Guantanamo Prison, Robo-Bee, increased suicides among baby-boomers in the U.S, integrated proms in Georgia, to some amazing stories emphasizing  the effectiveness of the MPT work and the overall principles of nonviolence. MPT is one of the most well-respected Peace Team groups internationally and domestically.  (MORE)

Published January 18, 2012 in Follow the Leader

Four encounters with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “changed my life,” Jasiu Milanowski said tearfully at Cass District Library Monday.  Milanowski, a founder of the Meta (Michigan) Peace Team in 1993, dabbed at his eyes with a tissue as he devoted more than an hour to reading the slain civil rights leader’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail.”
He considers the April 16, 1963, open letter a “monumental piece of literature.”

Jasiu — pronounced “Ya-shoe” — grew up in (MORE)