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#Giving Tuesday was not only about kindness, but also about radical generosity – two integral components in creating a world at peace.  Meta Peace Team recognizes that there are many components that are needed to build this world of peace, justice, and creative nonviolence, and identifies the first step as education.   

Your support makes it possible for us to educate individuals, groups and communities; to place trained teams of volunteers where invited to curtail violence, and to spread the word - - not only on the efficacy of nonviolence,  but also on how to identify the underpinnings of where this violence is coming from:  To address the systematic structures that are perpetuating the problem.

As you might imagine, requests for our help are growing exponentially. We can only meet these growing needs with your help. As you consider who you can support on #GivingTuesday, we hope you will remember the difference you can directly make in MPT’s ability to continue building thriving, peaceful communities and people .  Thank you.

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Stories From Our Trainings:

The Tools We Teach

At a training in New York, two of our trainers, Elliott and Mary, had participants act out a roleplay of a fracking protest, something that was happening in this New York community. In this roleplay, people were going to be the oil company employees, the oil executive, police officer's and protesters. The role-players were given props, the police had fake batons, fake guns, fake tear gas, handcuffs and more.

The protester's decided to sit down and link arms to block path of workers going in knowing they would be hard to move. The oil company employee role-players grew frustrated as they couldn't get into their job and make money. The oil company executive role-players decided to call in the police. 

When the police role-players came in, they saw the nonviolent protesters sitting with locked arms. Without giving time for any conversation, the police role-players immediately began hitting the protesters with the fake batons and throwing the fake tear gas. 

In the debrief , the trainers asked, "What happened? Why the use of violence?"  After a moment of pause, a police role-player spoke up, " Well, it occurred to us you wouldn't have given us all this equipment if we weren't supposed to use it."

This was eye opening!  What tools are we giving people to use?  What tools have people been given that causes them to fight with their neighbor rather than talk to them? 


This is why MPT focuses on providing nonviolent tools.  We use the tools we are taught. We need violence de-escalation to be the tool everyone is able to reach for.

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