Since our beginning in 1993, we have...

1. ...saved a young boy from being kidnapped by the military in the middle

of the night

2. ...prevented a family’s home from being illegally demolished in Gaza by

staying with the family as they sat on their roof

3. ...safeguarded villagers from death squads

4. ...walked children to school to protect them from violence

5. ...kept a young nonviolent protestor from being “disappeared” by soldiers

by refusing to physically let go of him

6. ...provided protective accompaniment for UN emergency food provisions

to ensure delivery in Croatia

7. ...patrolled neighborhoods and ensured the safety of immigrants in their

own communities

8. ...protected children in an orphanage in the West Bank

9. ...offered training specific to college students at Sonoma State College

(CA), Portland State University (OR), Michigan State University, Siena Heights University, Aquinas College, and University of Detroit Mercy (MI)

10. ...provided nonviolence skills training in Salt Lake City (UT), Roanoke

(VA), San Francisco (CA), Pittsfield (MA), Troy (NY), Cleveland (OH), St. Paul (MN), Des Moines (IA), Terre Haute (IN), Washington D.C., and all across the state of Michigan.

11. ...set up long-standing community partnerships in Detroit and Flint

In fact, recently we have…


12. ...Hosted a national Training for Trainers weekend intensive,

creating 18 more violence de-escalation Skills Trainers

13. ...Developed our Bystander Intervention Training in response to the

national increase in hate crimes

14. ...Began the process of starting a new MPT branch in Virginia, and

strengthened our ties to New York, Conneticut, California, Iowa, Massachusetts, and Ohio

15. ...Completed the project of training an entire inner-city high school

in nonviolent intervention and social change

16. ...Trained two Teams for International peace team work, with a

team planning to leave for the West Bank in January

17. ...Deployed fully trained Domestic peace teams to curtail violence all

across the state and the country

18. ...Begun the process of collaborating with the First Nation peoples of

Standing Rock and Black Mesa

19. ...Created "The Power of Nonviolence to Transform Ourselves and

our World” - a presentation and workshop.

20. ....Welcomed yet another international intern to study with us - -

Congratulations to Cynthia Kipkorir from Kenya

21. ...Partnered with representatives of every faith and denomination to

offer nonviolence skill trainings to their respective congregations

22. ...Partnered with Universities to offer these same kinds of violence

de-escalation skills trainings to college students, professors, and staff

23. ...Begun a mentoring program to nurture and support the

nonviolence skills trainers we've trained.

24. ....Protected immigrant families from harrassment and potential

violence during ACT for America's national "call-to-action" in June

25. ...Participated in the 100 Year Plan Summit Meeting - hosted by

Michael Nagler and the Metta Center for Nonviolence - to collaborate with them and representatives from around the world (including Nonviolent Peaceforce, Christian Peacemaker TeamsTraining for Change, Yes Magazine, 350.org, and more) in the development of concerted and joint efforts to spread the word and work of sucessful nonviolent social change....thus truly securing a better world for all coming generations

Created 18 more MPT Violence De-Escalation Skills Trainers

MPT offering protective accompaniment

Stopped soldiers from taking "target practice" on Palestinian students.

40 Peace Team Members at the  2017 Women's March

As the next 25 years begin...

At Standing Rock, ND

...we reflect on all the things we've been blessed with...and that includes your support.  Please consider taking the time to recognize all of the selfless individuals who have so willingly walked into dangerous situations to protect human life, human rights and secure a peaceful space for productive conflict resolution. One important way to thank our “Peace Warriors” is by making a generous contribution to MPT.  Your financial contribution empowers MPT to train the world in nonviolence, and to place peace teams in areas of conflict wherever they are needed.  Please....

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