International Peace Teams are peace teams placed outside the U.S. borders.  They are usually of longer duration (3 weeks - 3 months).  If you're interested in serving on an International Peace Team...

Domestic Peace Teams

Domestic Peace Teams are teams placed within the U.S. borders.  They are usually short-term (1-3 days).  If you're interested in joining a Domestic Peace Team, please contact Peter Dougherty  (or call 517-303-0116).


Peace Teams

Your tax-deductible donation can help fund peace teams.  Even if you're not able to go, your financial gift helps make it possible for others.

Shanti Sena Network

The Shanti Sena Network is a coalition of nonviolence skills trainers from across North America, working together to train and place short-term teams where needed.

  • For more information, click HERE.

  • or Contact Mary L. Hanna (MPT representative to SSN)