Take Action: 

From time to time, there are things that happen which require those of us in the peace community to rally around and take action.  Here are some of those things:
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Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Get Involved to Stop the Violence:​

Did you know that....

  • Convicted criminals can buy assault rifles at gun shows WITHOUT background checks in 33 states

  • The gun lobby (led by the NRA) has given over $21 million to Congress since 1990, 86% of it to Republicans

  • 8 children die from gun violence EVERY DAY

Visit the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence's website to learn more, and to find out how you can get involved.

Panama - Destruction of indigenous lands
Why we should demand the closure of Guantánamo:

Before any course of action, MPT believes we should try to make sure we have all the facts. 


CLICK HERE for a clear, concise synopsis of the case for closing Gitmo. 


The ACLU is asking concerned citizens to get involved in whatever and as many ways as they can.  Visit their website at www.aclu.org to access the multiple ways you can help to end this travesty of both justice and humanity, including calling the White House,  writing to President Trump, signing petitions, and  writing to the detainees themselves.  

​​To keep abreast of the rapid developments in this case, visit: CloseGitmo.net